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  • NAME: Gili means 'island' in Indonesian. The brand began out of necessity and the idea was first conceived on the western coast of an island named Gili Air (-8.353558,116.077777).  
  • HISTORY: As a dive professional and whitewater guide, all the gear bag bags we had used were made from a cheap black/blue mesh fabric that would not stand the test of time, so we set out on a mission to find the most durable, breathable, colorful, and most importantly- sustainable material we could, and started making our own. When other instructors, divemasters, sailors, fishermen, friends, and family, etc all wanted some...we outsourced a  B certified contract manufacturer in Colorado to do all the cut & sew. Four years later, Gili now offers a wide variety of eco-products that are ideal for Adventure, Sports, and Travel. 
  • LOGO: The lotus flower is an aquatic plant. The middle petal is a water drop and the three on each side are waves. Depending where in the world you are, it is most commonly associated with rebirth, beauty, purity, and spiritual enlightenment. Special thanks to Kind Design.
      • MISSION: Raising awareness towards a more sustainable future.
      • SLOGAN: "Linger Longer" Our slogan fully encapsulates sustainability and adventure travel, the two main concepts that inspired Gili. The materials we use Linger Longer by being repurposed into new products. Our products also bring us to  amazing destinations we wish to Linger Longer at.